ICP Foundry

ICP Srl established in 1971 has provided Cathodic Protection System to Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas facilities worldwide and in 2015 to have opened a new ‘’State of the Art’’ Sacrificial Anode manufacturing Plant in Trapani, Sicily – ICP Foundry Srl.

ICP Foundry can offer a complete service for Aluminium & Zinc Sacrificial Anodes from Design, Engineering & Calculations through to full Manufacturing & Finishing.

All Anode types are offered including Pipeline Bracelet (Welded, Bolted or Hinged), Stand-Off type for structures, Flush Mounted & Bar Anodes.

All material fully conforms to DNV Sacrificial Anode requirements and the Company fully operates acc. to ISO9001, ISO14000 & ISO 18001 requirements.