M.E.G.A. specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of:

• Forged steel fittings from 1/8” to 4” in all kind of ferrous and non-ferrous materials according to ASME B16.11 and BS 3799, DIN, AFNOR standards;
• Self-reinforcing branch outlets dimensioned according to ASME B31, BPV Code, and Stoomwezen standards
• Fully machined heavy wall fittings such as forged & flanged nozzles, tees, “Y” pieces, etc.

The design of “Megalet” outlets is carried out by the latest CAD-CAM and Finite Elements Analysis –FEA.

M.E.G.A.’s design of O’Lets – “MEGALET” offers technical, technological and commercial advantages compared to the traditional self–reinforcing welding outlets. MEGALETs require less welding filler material and less weld operator time, significantly reducing the overall costs of any installation.